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Secrets to Keeping Your Bestseller in the Top Ten List

So, you got yourself a non-fiction book that has consistently topped the bestseller lists for the past six months. You’re getting rave reviews and offers to be interviewed and the money is just pouring in. You find that from a nobody you’ve suddenly skyrocketed to becoming someone who belongs to the elite class of best selling authors, the rich and the famous – today’s nouveau riche! Yes, it is quite an accomplishment to have a niche non-fiction book that remains top on the bestseller lists for six months or more. It is an achievement that is especially difficult to comprehend if you consider that the contents of the book has nothing at all to do with sex, drugs, and parties. Contents that might even be regarded by most as mundane and dreary to the extreme!

Yes, the bestseller status is quite an honorable one and can change your life and the way you live forever. Not only can it change your life financially, but emotionally as well, giving you a tremendous amount of credibility in the eyes of strangers. So, what is the secret to keeping your book fixed on the top ten spot in the bestsellers list:

• The first question you got to ask yourself is what is it that drives a book with a conventional topic soaring to the top of the bestseller lists and keeps it there for a considerable period of time?

• Next, you need to know what is it that causes the book to attract mass appeal within its restricted niche.

Remember that your book does not need to be the best of its kind to reach the bestseller status. If you’re aiming for a top ten spot on the New York Bestsellers List, then you got to come up with something that’s good, very good! But, sometimes even this isn’t enough to create a bestseller that remains rooted to that no. 1 spot. You need a lot more! Yet it's not hard when you know the secrets.

How to start writing a book

Here are a few book-writing tips:

First things first, you need to find out what the potential market is for your book. If it hasn’t got widespread appeal, then you had better dump it in the trashcan right away. Ask yourself if you can write an entire book with the idea you have in mind rather than filling it with rubbish. Find out if there is enough research material to base your book on, and what other similar books are out there and how have they fared in the market.

Once the message is clear, never make the mistake of limiting your market. Don’t restrict yourself to the classes only, but also write for the masses. Write on a subject that everyone can relate to.

Remember that ‘How-to’ books have always been successful since the title normally tells it all! So, if your book involves showing people how to do certain things instead of telling them to go to seminars or courses, then you’re probably on the right track. Find out if there have been any books written on this subject and how many of them are there. If there are many books that have been written on the same topic, then be creative and try to put a slant to it. Come up with an idea that appeals to both sexes all over the world.

Check the current book lists and see what the latest bestsellers are. Talk to bookshop owners and they will tell you what sells and what doesn’t. The most important part about writing a book is the title. It is advisable to choose an appropriate title before you actually go about writing your non-fiction book.

Billions and billions of books have been sold because their titles were good. A good title makes for a good bestseller. Titles like ‘How to flatten your stomach’ sell. So if writing memoirs or screenplays, or script writing is your thing, or even if you want to write an autobiography, your title has to be exceptionally good.

So, pick a good title. It can make your non-fiction book a bestseller.

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