22 Şubat 2008 Cuma

Revenue Streams from Far Corners

Providers of mortgage information and services are now promoting Pre-Foreclosure solutions as part of their total business model. A number of professionals, including attorneys and lenders see the pre-foreclosure market as the next title wave of property investment opportunities.

The supply of homes coming on the market suggests that inventory has a long term continue growth forecast. The average county system has more than 6,200 homes in pre-foreclosure, which is an increase of 72 percent since August of this year. Many of these homes have not hit the market yet, so they are not counted in the inventory stockpile. In addition, there are countless others that haven't even shown up on the foreclosure landscape yet.

The new Pre-Foreclosure training provides evaluation skills for residential properties. A good seminar includes search techniques, vesting information, open liens, judgments and pending law suits as well as tax information and myriad of other data.” “By gaining access to this type of information in today’s market at this time, as the investor, you are meeting the needs of the foreclosure market by providing a consistent product nationwide,” states Kaller. A proven foreclosure consultant training program shows how to represent home owners in pre-foreclosure situations and also how to work with mortgage lenders and banks.

There has been a nationwide surge of mortgage industry professionals to receive training and advance education in pre-foreclosure consulting techniques. Today’s competitive real estate demands high level pre-foreclosure specialists trained in consulting and focused services. Even established real estate firms report that most of the requests for training to start pre-foreclosure consulting departments come from real estate mortgage industry brokers and loan officers mortgage professionals. Industry wide, they now desire to add pre-foreclosure consulting services to their businesses for obvious reasons.

Pre-foreclosure solutions are especially beneficial when a borrower is in financial distress. Aside from the monetary gain from pre-foreclosure investments, market professionals agree that being able to help homeowners keep their homes and stopping foreclosures adds value to service offerings and creates goodwill. Typically, the pre-foreclosure consultant works directly with the financial institutions to stop foreclosures on behalf of the homeowner. Additionally, analysts indicate that many former mortgage industry professionals often find that providing add on pre-foreclosure consulting services can be a fresh start and new career opportunity to work in an industry that you are already familiar with.

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