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Is Restaurant Ownership for You?

Are you interested in starting your own restaurant? Owning and running a restaurant can be very rewarding for the right person. However, building a successful restaurant business takes a lot of long hours, hard work, and dedication. Before you jump into the life of a restaurateur, it's a good idea to make sure you understand exactly what is involved in the task you are thinking about undertaking.

SWOT Analysis
Thorough marketing research is an essential component of any good business plan. Before starting any new business venture, it's important to conduct a SWOT analysis, in which you look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that will impact your business decision. You'll need to take a look at what you bring to the table in terms of experience and the lack thereof, examine the competitive environment in which your restaurant will operate, and explore the marketing viability of your concept.

If you have years of experience in restaurant management, that may be a strength. If you have never owned a business before, that may be a weakness. If your restaurant will be the first of its type in your community, that can be a strength, or a weakness. You may be bringing in an innovative idea that will be a hit. However, it's also possible that there aren't similar restaurants in the area because there isn't a market for what you want to do.

Licensure Requirements
When building your budget, make sure you consider the different types of licenses necessary to operate a restaurant in your area. In addition to a standard business license, it's likely that there are additional requirements for establishments that handle and sell food and beverages.

Real Estate Needs
Location is an important consideration when choosing real estate for any business venture. Your restaurant will need to be placed in a high traffic area that people can access easily during peak times. If you plan to primarily cater to professionals during their lunch hours, you need to select a spot in an area surrounded by commercial properties.

Parking is an important consideration, as is zoning. The last thing you want to have to deal with when you first open a restaurant is having to deal with getting a zoning change or variance to allow you to serve liquor on the premises.

Most new restaurateurs lease their facilities, at least initially. However, depending on your situation and the market it which you will operate, it may be in your best interest to purchase a space.

Are You Ready to Move Forward?
Opening a restaurant can be an expensive proposition. Before you can request a business loan, you are going to have to create a complete business plan. Your business plan will need to detail your background research, information about your competitors, your plan for getting your restaurant up and running, and an operating budget. Even if you don't have to borrow money to get started, it's in your best interest to write a solid business plan to guide your actions as you get ready to take your idea to market.

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