22 Şubat 2008 Cuma

How Not To Sell Your Product or Service

I received an interesting call today. It went like this �

Fred: Hi, this is Fred from ?? Web Design. I just came across your name in the yellow pages. I don't even know what a life coach is, but I found you under Business Consulting.

Me: Uh huh.

Fred: I don't know if you've ever considered having a web site built or if you already have one.

Me: Yes I do. It's thehbbsource.com

Fred: Oh � well, I guess I'm too late. Thank you. (end of conversation)

That was it. And no, I'm not exaggerating.

My question to you is how would you like someone like Fred selling your product or service?

I'm going to assume you answered with an emphatic "Not on your life!"

And here's my next question � have you found yourself being this indifferent in your own efforts to sell?

I know I have been, especially when I started my home business. I couldnt wait to get off the phone fast enough!

Most of us start in the same place. Fearful, inexperienced, intimidated � it all boils down to learning and growing.

First, you need to determine whether or not your prospect has an immediate need for what you offer. If she doesn't, might she some day? Could you possibly give her something to remember you by in case she ever does need you?

After I hung up the phone, I thought about Fred for quite a while. I wanted to call him back and give him a few pointers on how he could have engaged me in a conversation and possibly got me interested in finding out more about his services.

Unfortunately, he blurted out his company name so quickly, I never did get it, but if I could have talked to him, I would have suggested he carry on his call by asking a few simple questions such as:

- On a scale of one to ten, how well do you feel your site is performing for you?

- Most viewers click away in the first 30 seconds of visiting a site. I may be able to spot a couple potential trouble spots and give you some quick fix pointers you can implement right away to get your site working better for you. Would you like me to take a brief 30-second look at your site while we're on the phone together just to give you some quick feedback on what I see at first glance?

- Is there anything you've been thinking of doing with your site that you haven't gotten around to such as search engine optimization?

- If you ever need help with your web site and would like someone closer to home to help out, please visit our web site at � or contact us at �, we'd be honored to help you. We also offer a complimentary 15-minute review of your site and get back to you with any ideas that may help you improve on it.

I know if he had offered to take a 30-second look at my site while I was on the phone with him, I would have said, "Sure." Who doesn't want a second opinion or to show off something they think is already great?

I also would have loved for him to leave me his contact info in the event my web design provider (who is 3,000 miles west of me) isn't available.

As you speak with potential customers, keep in mind a couple of things � 1) they may say they don't need you right now, but may quickly change their tune after you ask a few simple questions, and 2) even though they may not need you today, they may in the future.

Make sure they know how and where to find you because their needs can change in the blink of an eye and wouldn't it be great to know they have you to come to?

I'm sure you also caught the suicidal statement he made by starting the conversation with not knowing what I was, then dismissing it to carry on his mission. We'll save that lesson for another day. ;-)

Be your best.

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