22 Şubat 2008 Cuma

My Latest Rant!

My list (rant?) of the most important factors of having success in our business today - and a few things that really tick me off!
1.Hire great people! Build great teams! Only A & B Talent will do!
2.Give real-world, experienced training that is cutting edge in its delivery so it will stick!
3.Have great support systems in place for your staff!
4.Make everything a system! Execute the systems!
5.Fill positions, do not replace people!
6.Ask for help when you need it!
7.Execute on the integrity issues every minute of every day!
8.People first!
11.Understand that you only build volume one guest at a time!
12.Do not spend so much time trying to trim costs without spending at least, an equal amount of time training your staff to sell more and serve better. Most restaurants fail when they try to save their way to profitability - kinda like nobody ever shrank their way to greatness!
13.Be a coach, not a boss!
14.Make your relationships work!
15.Get Smarter every day!
16.Follow up. Follow up. Follow up! And when all else fails? Follow up!
17.Measure everything that is important to your success!
18.Stop trying to motivate people and start creating a culture that can inspire them instead!
19.Make everything a product of your culture!
20.Stop treating everyone the same!
21.Face situations head on! Never vacillate!
22.Document every action and reaction!
23.Challenge behaviors that are not productive when they happen!
24.Be a blowtorch, not a candle!
25.Embrace change!
26.Realize that we are all marketers whether you want to be or not! Because its true that marketing is the only thing that can make you money - everything else is an expense!
27.Dont serve your guests, give them an experience that will make them raving fans!
28.Service has become a commodity.
29.Build value for your guests in their experiences with you.
30.Stop discounting yourself into the poor house!

�now for the things that really get me!

1.Operators who say that they never have enough time for themselves or family, but who refuse to hire an operations manager because they do not have the ability to trust in one, or the money, or both.
2.Operators who desperately need a marketing plan, business plan, operation plan, strategic plan, etc� but never seem to get around to getting it done - then wonder why success is not beating a path to their door.
3.Operators who have high turnover and blame it on the market, or the economy etc�
4.Operators who are totally reactive to circumstances.
5.Operators who treat all staff the same.
6.Operators who do not understand that if you are not able to differentiate yourself in your market, you become a price-driven commodity.
7.Operators who do not do their homework.
8.Operators who cheat, lie, steal and abuse any or all of their relationships with vendors, staff, colleagues, guests, etc�
9.Operators who, when blessed with a great sales increase, do not know where it came from.
10.Operators who, not having a days worth of experience in the industry, never ask for help.
11.Operators who, when they get in the weeds, never ask for help.
14.Operators who think that nickel and diming their guests or staff, will make them rich. No one ever shrank their way to greatness�again!
15.Operators who take their staffs, guests, vendors or team for granted.
16.Operators who do not embrace change.
17.Operators who never seem to be ready for change.
18.Operators who do not have a meaningful vision of their business or their brand.
19.Operators who do not understand the importance of branding their business as the way of creating a unique selling proposition.

Im sure theres more to come! Stay tuned!

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