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10 Abundant Sales Principles (Part I) - Free E-Book

How would you feel if you did not have to compete for sales? How would you feel if you experienced no fear, stress or anxiety in your professional and personal life?

All people who enjoy enduring success have certain underlying principles in place that guide their every action. Once these principles are firmly entrenched, successful business people are free to build a process that delivers predictable results.

10 Abundant Sales Principles is a free e-book that was written to give entrepreneurs, business developers and consultants the required knowledge to set a strong foundation for unlimited sales revenues. It shows you that there is a creative way to achieve abundant sales and unlimited prosperity. I have been using these principles for over a decade, having interacted with over 4000 business leaders across North America, personally selling over $1,000,000 per annum in professional services.

While 10 Abundant Sales Principles will be delivered in a series of abridged articles, you can also download the entire e-book for free by visiting http://www.SellingADifference.com.

Abundant Sales Principle 1: Recognize Your Creativeness

Every visible and invisible element holds creation as its source of being. You were created by a source. The chair youre sitting on was created by a source. The air you breathe was created by a source. The emotions you feel are created by a source. The very presence of creativity is all around us in everything we see, touch, feel, hear, taste and smell.

The creative energy that you are a part of knows no bounds to its giving and allows you to make anything that your imagination dreams up into reality. The source that creates everything from oak trees to internet connectivity to photographs to human beings implies that you have that same source within you. There is nothing you cannot do. This creative energy is constantly developing new forms, filling spaces and permeates everything. It is infinite in its supply.

Creative energy is always serving and giving and since YOU are creative energy, you must be always in a state of serving and giving as well.

Recognizing and harnessing your creativity in business will give you the freedom to overcome any perceived problem or obstacle for yourself and your clients. You will be able to create value for clients by presenting unique solutions to their problems. Unleashing your creativeness allows you to see opportunities in every place you look. You are no longer stuck within the boundaries of limitations when you recognize that creative energy is a part of everything including the unique problem your client is having.

During the time I invested in the recruitment industry, there were boundless opportunities to practice creativity. The marketplace I was a part of was going through a tremendous boom at the time and continues to do so. We were repeatedly told that the labour market was extraordinarily tight in all sectors. My company's area of expertise was in the engineering, procurement and construction industry where the demand for top talent in the multi-billion dollar oil sands projects was at an all time high. Employers, the government and the media were constantly focused on the critical shortage of qualified workers.

The success my firm experienced during this time was due, in large part, to the creativity that went into each and every search. Had we started each search campaign thinking about the tight labour market, buying into the doom and gloom reports being broadcast all around us, our results would have reflected that fear. Instead, we would start each search with the intention to creativity recruit. Our whole process hinged on developing a trusting relationship from the first encounter we had with a prospective client. If trust could not be established, then our process would not work. It was that simple. Creating trust with the client was achieved by practicing the ten principles found here.

Once trust was established during that first meaningful encounter, we were free to creatively recruit. Gaining the trust of prospective clients in that first meeting gave them a sense of ease when we would present a solution that they had never considered before. If trust had been lacking, their consideration of a new idea from us would have been met with resistance. But because we embedded the development of a trusting relationship into each encounter we had with a client, they would listen to our advice, giving us the freedom to help them solve their critical need.

One such example that stands out in my mind is a search we were doing for an Intermediate Process Engineer. Like a lot of meetings I attended, this one was similar in that the prospect couldnt see how our firm would be successful in locating their perfect person when so many others before us had failed. Establishing trust through the facilitation of a meaningful encounter was always item number one on my agenda. Once this was established using the principles discussed here and the processes taught in the Selling A Difference training platform, our creativity could be unleashed. Clients were paying us, afterall, to be creative.

Our recruitment team was able to get the client to look at their problem from a different perspective. We would gently let them see how their wish list of desirable skills, experience and knowledge was, in fact, limiting their choices. In every instance where trust had been effectively developed, we were able to have the client reconsider their wish list in a way that didnt make them feel like they were settling or giving something up. Clients ended up recognizing that by following our recommendations, they were receiving something infinitely more valuable � a candidate who could not only perform the job, but one who was motivated to contribute at a high level.

Our creative recruitment techniques included diversity hiring. Our creative recruitment techniques included reassessing the functions of each performer within a group to see if responsibilities could be altered in any way. Our creative recruitment techniques included high-profile public relations campaigns that most of our contemporaries did not use out of fear-based thinking. Where we would spread-the-word about opportunities at a client company, other firms in our industry would not mention the company name they were recruiting for out of fear that they would lose the placement. Our creative recruitment techniques got the employer and the candidate to reconsider remuneration packages, hours of work and scope of work. Really, there wasnt a problem that we could not solve when we tapped into our creative source and had the trust of our client.

10 Abundant Sales Principles are the base for living and working with no fear, stress or anxiety, taking away the compelling need to compete for sales. These are the principles that the wealthiest people since time immemorial have used to provide lasting value, effectively rising above the competitive playing field.

While I never once thought of myself as a sales person, I became incredibly successful at developing trusting relationships with executives in meetings that typically lasted less than 40 minutes. This was proven again and again by my ability to collect two thirds of the fee prior to the close of the sale. I started to notice an interesting phenomenon. Clients not only paid two thirds of the fee upfront, they did so with a sense of relief and happiness. I also discovered that by using the 10 Abundant Sales Principles, I was empowered to interact with prospects and clients in a way that appealed to not only their highest moral values, but to mine as well. You can download your free copy of 10 Abundant Sales Principles by visiting http://www.SellingADifference.com.

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