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Best Selling Your Way to Success

These two writers were as different as Burgundy from Scotch. On one hand, Sir Walter Scott was a genius of a gentleman who literally invented the historical novel and wrote out of raw knowledge and rich learning in the romantic past of Scotland. Alexander Dumas on the other hand, was a brilliant newcomer who wrote with a unique style and personality. Both these men were master storytellers and both turned out such staggering amounts of work that makes the most hardworking of all modern writers seem like sluggish fools in comparison. Scott and Dumas were the first real heroes of history’s earliest mass reading public – they created what you would call today: bestsellers!

Since then, the art of writing bestsellers has changed. There are scores of authors who want to write novels and most of them would love to write a bestseller. Yes, writing a bestseller can change your life for good. From financial success to being emotionally rewarding, writing a bestseller can boost your confidence, renew your self-esteem and refurbish your bank account as well! What’s more, writing bestsellers can give you tremendous credibility in the eyes of strangers.

Yes, at one time or another, every single businessman or woman must have flirted with the idea of writing a book. It isn’t a very bad thought – that is if you have a great deal of original content that sends forth a compelling message. If you’re willing to work hard, then your dreams of creating that super selling bestseller might just come true. Now, before you start dreaming of your book being in The New York Times bestseller list, you should consider checking up on the publishing industry first.

There are two main reasons why everyone wants to create a best selling book and why a bestseller can benefit each and every one of us, which are:

• Writing a best selling book is one of the best ways to gain recognition and at the same time make money. If you’re one of those people who want to share a message and make a difference in the world, then you should probably consider writing a bestseller. The way your book sells can either make or break your brand, your business and even your image. There are millionaires and even billionaires who are still writing books because they know the power of creating bestsellers. From Donald Trump to Richard Branson to even JK Rowling, bestsellers are indeed a powerful tool. What’s more, having your own best-selling book will give you endless opportunities for free advertising and exposure. Since advertising costs a lot of money, this is by and large one of the greatest benefits of having a bestseller to your name.
• Another good reason for creating a bestseller is that it gives you leverage. Once you have the right kind of leverage, you will be able to make the most money and it’s all because you have a bestseller to your name. There are 6 main types of advertising media, namely the Internet, TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers and word-of-mouth. Once your book makes it in the bestseller list, free publicity and exposure will automatically come to you.

Writing a bestseller requires immense talent. So, you can’t just send anything out there and expect it to sell, even if you have written on the ‘hottest’ topic and even if you do have a good reputation and an established name. No matter whether your publisher is committed to creating a bestseller out of your book and has a great marketing plan with a lot of money, there are chances your book won’t even sell.

However, one thing is for certain – the publisher with the most talent will always do the best. So, how does one go about creating a bestseller? Although there isn’t any magical solution to ensure creating a bestseller, there is a common denominator. It is the ability to come up with a good strategy and implement it and to orchestrate teamwork. Regardless of the budget, the strategy, the publisher or even the book, all these ingredients need to be orchestrated in order to work together. The real talent lies in the publisher’s ability to make all these factors function simultaneously. It's not hard when you know the secrets.

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