22 Şubat 2008 Cuma

Amazing Secret for Every Entrepreneur

"Here's An Amazing Secret Used By
EVERY Mi11ionaire and Billionaire!"

Ever heard the saying, "It's not about
WHAT you know. It's about WHO you know"?

It was probably said by someone who
'thought' they were seeing the 'Bigger

Well, I don't know who originally said
it. But, they were obviously missing
the Biggest Picture of all (And the one
that matters MOST!).

Want to know the BIGGEST secret used by
mi11ionaires and bi11ionaires around
the world?

You see, it's not about WHO YOU know
either. It's about WHO KNOWS YOU!

Think about it.

There are people you've heard of and
know of that are big-time money-makers.

The kind of people that YOU could
benefit BIG-TIME by doing deals with.

But, do they know YOU?

Do they know who YOU are?

I've seen it time and time and
time again.

ALL the mi11ionaires interviewed for
my Conversations with Mi11ionaires

And EVERY mi11ionaire I've met since
becoming the #1 best-selling author
of that book...

And EVERY other mi11ionaire or
bi11ionaire I've studied and
researched in my life...

They ALL have people bringing them
amazing 0pportunities to help them
get richer and richer!

They ALL have people delivering killer
ways for them to make more and more

ALL of those people and 0pportunities
are literally falling into their laps.


Because it's about who knows YOU!

If people KNOW who you are and they
see you as a “Mover & Shaker” in the

Then guess who's going to be the
next one having people deliver
0pportunities on a silver platter?


Other people will be doing the work,
putting in the time, and making the
effort to HELP you make money!

And wouldn't THAT make it a WHOLE
lot easier for you to get richer
and richer too???

Of course it would!

And that's yet ANOTHER incredible
reason why YOU need to become the
NEXT #1 Best-Selling Author!

Because it helps other people
discover that YOU are someone
to bring deals and 0pportunities

YOU are someone to 'play' with
as a Mover & Shaker in the business
and entrepreneurial world.

Take advantage of the knowledge
you already have and utilize writing
tools and resources to develop and
launch your own book.

Think of it as your 1st taste
of exactly what I'm talking about.

This is your 1st 0pportunity as
a Mover & Shaker to take advantage
of an amazing 0pportunity to really
get yourself to the next level.
Master the knowledge of becoming a
published author.


Your friend,

Jason Oman
#1 Best-Selling Author of
Conversations with Mi11ionaires

PS: This is finally YOUR CHANCE to
take advantage of this special
0pportunity to become a #1 Best-
Selling Author. Just like I've
helped many others do!

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People Will WANT To Buy!

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